Taxi Driver

City Cab Company of Orlando | Orlando, FL

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Posted Date 3/24/2020


Under the direct supervision of the Taxi Starter Supervisor.  Performs various customer service duties related to loading taxicabs at Orlando International Airport, Sanford Orlando International Airport, Orange County Convention Center, and Universal Studios Orlando Amusement Parks.


Directs passengers to their assigned taxicab with an open hand, and by stating “Taxicab # ____ is at Your Service”. Answers customer’s questions with regards to length of trip and/or cost.  Provides customers with special needs requests such as wheelchair accessible taxicabs, taxicabs with child restraint seats, or 7 to 9 passenger taxis.  Obtains, records and maintains necessary information required to complete taxicab load sheets, such as: 1) time of departure, 2) number of passengers, 3) name or address of destination, and 4) method of payment.  Recommends hotels or restaurants as requested.  Reports driver violations of personal appearance standards and poor customer service to the Taxi Starter Supervisor in a timely manner.  Resolves all driver incidents calmly and professionally to minimize customer and driver discomfort.  Reports all conflicts or disputes to the Taxi Starter Supervisor for resolution in a timely manner.


Education:                 High School diploma, GED or equivalent.

Experience:               No previous experience required.

Skill at:                       Good oral and written communication skills

Knowledge of:          The geographical layout of the Greater Orlando Area.

Licenses:                   None required.

Special Requirements:   Must be able to remain calm, pleasant, and poised in high-pressure situations. Must be able to work flexible shifts including weekends and holidays or as business dictates. MUST BE NON TOBACCO USER.


  • Must be able to communicate in clear fluent English in a courteous, friendly, and professional manner with passengers, drivers, Airport and Law Enforcement officials, co-workers and other persons.
  • Must be able to “Meet and Greet” arriving passengers in need of taxi transportation with enthusiasm.
  • Must be able to maintain uniform and personal appearance standards when in sight of customers.
  • Must be able to understand and perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Must be able to assist customers by moving luggage, baggage, packages or other objects to and from curbside areas and/or into vehicles when requested.
  • Must be able to read, understand and complete starter load sheets.
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